Detecting Health Issues at a Dentist Visit

admin / December 4, 2017

It’s a common mistake that more people make than will admit to perhaps. Of course the mistake is not seeing our dentists regularly enough. But if this happens there’s more at risk sometimes than just the beauty of a smile. Many health professionals believe that regular visits to a dentist can help to prevent some health problems in the future and may also be able to help in early detection of conditions such as osteoporosis and diabetes. The theories involve relationships between the health of your teeth and gums and that of other areas of the body. Though much of the proposed links are still theoretical there may also be serious causal connections between undeterred decay and gum disease and other health problems such as heart disease.

The proposed relationships between dental problems and problems outside of the teeth and gums may be a wake up call to those who have neglected their dental health. Good news may follow this though if people take the proper steps to stop the trend of neglect. Of course the first step is the tough one if avoiding the dentist is the greatest cause of the lapse in dentist visits as opposed to other reasons like lack of insurance. No one can say that the first dentist visit after a long period without cleanings or other needed dental work is a pleasant experience but these days there are options that might make it less painful or stressful. Options such as sedation dentistry can help patients to whom the sound of dental instruments or the pain of some of the procedures required in a deep cleaning are intolerable.

Once the hard part is over and the results of the dental examination are in the next step is to follow up with the primary care physician regarding any feedback from the dentist which might signal health problems. Also the changes that are made after that dentist visit are crucial. The steps we follow each day with regard to the care of our teeth and gums are more habit than some people may realize. Habits being so hard to break at times, it is important to make a concerted effort to develop new ones, a thorough cleaning each morning for example. These days the bathroom counter can be cluttered with a good deal more dental-care tools than just an old fashioned toothbrush. And some believe that the tools make all the difference where cleaning teeth each day is concerned. Options such as a water jet, spinning head toothbrush, tongue scraper, and extra soft floss may make some of the work easier and more effective. And this is where, if the theories about bacteria in mouths being a causal element in some types of heart disease are correct, risks of future health problems can possibly be reduced. The new daily care routine and regular visits to the dentist could prove to be a step toward greatly improved health for the whole body, not just the teeth.

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