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admin / December 17, 2017

HealthyFindings.com is a Paradox M Inc web property

HealthyFindings.com is intended to be an additional source of information for readers seeking information about health-related topics on the Internet.  Through the efforts of our staff writers, freelance writers and guest writers HealthyFindings.com strives to bring new articles to our readers each week with focus topics such as diet, managing ongoing health issues, active lifestyles, medication, treatments, exercise, finding the right physician, and many more.  HealthyFindings.com is a web property of Paradox M Inc, an online and offline marketing company and provider of unique online web content oriented toward consumers.  This website benefits from advertising revenue and in some cases links to other websites may result in commissions to our parent company.  In most cases though the articles you find here are as objective as we can possibly make them and advertising relationships are made clear so the line between information and advertising is not invisible or so dull as to be misleading to our readers.

In some cases articles may contain editorial content or opinion and in those cases we strive to make it clear to our readers through the categorization of the article as well as disclaimers within the text of the article itself.

We are not a news agency, newspaper, or journal and do not always have the luxury of obtaining information about the topics we write about direct from the sources.  As such we often scour the available information on the Internet and consolidate those details which seem reliable.  Also since our mission is to be of service to our readers we sometimes make common sense judgements if we find a great deal of negative information and feel that our readers should be aware of it.  Ultimately though it is not our intention to advise our readers such that they would base  a decision solely on what they read here.  Rather we wish to build a relationship with our readers and be one of many resources they trust for consolidated information about the range of topics related to managing one’s health.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

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